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#1 Srat Star
Srathardforlife (Srat Hard For Life):


Srat: adj. a classy female living a preppy and fashionable lifestyle. Often used when referring to Sorority girls
(the feminine version of frat)

Srathardforlife was originally created as a social media account in 2011 and has continued to grow rapidly since then. In October 2014, we decided to start a blog, called SH4L by Srathardforlife, which focuses on our passions for fashion, food, traveling, sorority life, and fitness. Our blog is unique because we have multiple bloggers under our umbrella, who have different tastes and styles with the hopes that each reader will be able to relate to one or more bloggers on our team.

We hope you enjoy, and continue to “srat hard for life.”

xoxo, The SH4L Girls