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Blue Apron

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Blue Apron. All opinions are my own.


Say hello to your new best friend, Blue Apron. If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to make creative lunches and dinners at home, then Blue Apron is the jam. Farm-fresh ingredients are shipped straight to your doorstep every Sunday (or you can select a different day of the week that’s more convenient for you). All of the ingredients are extremely fresh when they arrive, since the food is packed in a lined, refrigerated box. I’m very picky when I select produce at the grocery store in terms of the quality, condition, and freshness of the items on my list. Without a doubt, the Blue Apron ingredients were up to par with the quality of produce that I would have picked up from the farmers market. With Blue Apron, there isn’t any waste from any unused ingredients nor is there any trips to grocery store. Plus, each meal is between 500-700 calories per person and takes 40 minutes or less to make.

This was my first time using an ingredient delivery service. My friends have highly recommended Blue Apron to me in the past, so I was excited to finally give it a try. Also, there’s no commitment– you can skip or cancel the service any time. Plus, free shipping is always included with every order which is really nice as well.

The sign up process was very easy, since you’re able to select from two types of plans: the family plan (feeds four people) or the 2 person plan (feeds 2 people). With the Family Plan, you can select one or two deliveries per week consisting of two meals to be served family-style. We selected the 2 person plan with one delivery per week with 3 innovative meals. The two person plan was perfect for me and my boyfriend! We received three FREE meals for our first order, which was awesome.

Order your first Blue Apron by clicking here to get THREE FREE MEALS.

The box also includes recipes with your step-by-step instructions! The first meal I made was the Spicy Hoisin Chicken & Broccoli dish. I got a little too excited and  didn’t prep the ingredients like you’re supposed to, so my timing was a little off with my overall cook timing. Luckily, I over came this obstacle and managed to cook the dish successfully. Once I read the directions in depth, it was extremely easy to follow. Make sure to prep all the ingredients and to follow the directions exactly to make your life a little easier.

The easy to follow instructions with corresponding photographs, I was able to cook my dinner in about 35 minutes from start to finish. The chicken was tossed in rice flour. The Hoisin and rice vinegar made the veggies and chicken flavorful and tender. The rice was also impressive.  I would never have thought to season my rice with fresh garlic while it was cooking! This step added great flavor to the dish.

I’d highly recommend trying Blue Apron. The convenience and easy prep are absolutely worth it. The package includes all of the necessary spices and oils needed for the meal (expect olive oil, salt and pepper), so major money is saved from having to purchase large bottles and packages of spices and oils! Fresh garlic and scallions were also provided in quantities only needed for the two servings. No more wilted scallions in your fridge!

Side note: My boyfriend was the ultimate taste tester with this, since I made his portion of the meal the way it should be prepared. Since I have Celiac Disease, I had to split the raw ingredients and season the chicken and veggies without Hoisin sauce, which was still delicious. Although allergens are clearly labeled on the packaging, cross contamination is still very possible.

Happy cooking!

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