Summer Weight Loss Tips

Summer Weight Loss Tips

Location: Atlanta, GA09 May

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Do you hit the gym every single day and feel stuck in your weight loss journey? Maybe the scale hasn’t budged after several weeks of intense cardio and a calorie-restricted diet? It’s so frustrating to lose weight! Here are three simple additions to your routine to help you get back in the game with summer just around the corner!

Weight Training 
Add a couple of days of heavy weight training to your routine. Even doing this as little as two days per week, you can add muscle mass, which burns fat! Muscles are very small and dense and make you look leaner when they’re there! By adding an upper body routine and a lower body routine using moderate to heavy weights, you can shock your system back into fat loss!

Interval Training 

If you regularly find yourself hopping on the your favorite cardio machine for an hour at the same speed or using the same program features, it’s time to switch things up. Interval training adds small bursts at high intensity. Find your max heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. Now, create a 25 minute routine of one minute at 95% (or less, you may need to build up to this high level) intensity of your max heart rate and one minute (or more, you can build up to this short recovery time) at 65% of your heart rate for recovery. By alternating between interval training and steady state cardio, your body will have to adapt to the changes and can help ignite your fat loss again!

Underestimating Calorie Intake

My food scale is a staple in my normal diet. I found an inexpensive digital scale that’s changed my life! I have often over estimated and underestimated food portions. By incorporating a scale into your daily or weekly food prep, you’ll learn to be much more accurate in estimating how many calories you’re really consuming. Are you eating too much or too little? Buy a food scale and find out!

Good luck on your weight loss success, girls! For more fitness tips and workouts, visit

Disclaimer: This post contains fitness and diet suggestions only. Do not begin any new fitness or diet routine without medical clearance.

  • Laura Parr
    Posted at 15:07h, 10 May

    Stace, you said that you bought an inexpensive scale. Which one? From the 3 I think my biggest challenge is this one !