Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

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As a personal trainer, I’ve found that the biggest struggle, aside from motivation, is DIET. You work your butt off day after day in the gym, and the scale just won’t budge! What gives? Here’s some sneaky “health” foods that can be preventing you from making progress :


This is an ugly one. Peanut Butter is hailed as a staple in every fit girl’s diet, but it’s very high in fat! One serving, 2 tablespoons, has 16 grams of fat! The average woman needs only 40 grams in an entire day. This rings true for all the nuts, including almonds, cashews, and pistachios. Don’t over do it!


Here’s another high fat item we all love to overeat. Did you know that big scoop of guac at Chipotle has over 170 calories? While there are many positive attributes of avocados, like fiber, potassium, and omegas, it adds a serious punch to your calorie intake for the day.


This is a diet destroyer if it’s not carefully measured. Many varieties contain high amounts of added sugar and have the healthy nuts and seeds. Overall, the calories for a small serving, usually no more than a half a cup, is roughly 200 calories! For this amount of calories, you could have 3.5 ounces of chicken breast and two cups of veggies. That’s a whole meal!

The best way to figure out your daily calorie intake is by logging your food. Hold yourself accountable for everything you eat. You’ll quickly learn what choices are actually healthy and the culprits that are holding you back!

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