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Frill Clothing

Black Friday25 Nov

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for each round of Sorority Recruitment, the phrase “no frill, no fun” is important to take into consideration, while you are shopping. By “frill”, I am referring to preppy embellishments with details or trims, such as bows, ruffles, and scallops on clothing. I know a lot of sorority chapters, like my own, have color schemes for each round of sorority recruitment, which makes it tough when finding a dress or skirt in a particular color. This is where Frill Clothing comes in to play, whether you are looking for a cute and affordable outfit or you need a dress in a color that’s impossible to find– Frill Clothing has got you covered for all of your Sorority Recruitment outfit needs. The best part is Frill Clothing offers custom made clothing at affordable prices, and you can even mix or match.

Buying clothes for sorority recruitment can be costly, especially when a color scheme for a particular round is impossible to find. In that case alone, you could end up spending over $400 on a dress that you will only wear once or four times if you’re lucky. Owners, Sharon Bui and Kate Steadman founded Frill, while they were still in college, in which they were determined to provide a solution to young women for sorority recruitment by offering them affordable, trendy, and customizable clothes to wear for each round. Bui and Steadman centered their custom-clothing company on philanthropy in which a percentage of every group order goes toward the sorority’s philanthropy of choice. I don’t know about you but raising money for your sorority’s philanthropy while buying cute clothes sounds like a great deal to me.

Frill Clothing not only has a cute and affordable sorority line, but also a bridal line as well. Whether you’re planning a traditional, rustic, or beach wedding, Frill Clothing offers dresses and skirts that are perfect for all three occasions.

Frill Clothing gave us an exclusive Black Friday to Cyber Monday deal to all of our readers and followers: 15% off party skirts (all bridal and sorority skirts) with code SRATSTAR. This offer is only valid from Friday November 28th through Monday December 1st.

IMG_4933.JPG These skirts are super cute to wear to a holiday party, a special occasion, and more. This is a deal that you don’t want to miss out on.


Happy Shopping!

Details On Where To Buy:
Sorority Collection
Bridal Collection

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